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Follow the instructions on how start investment with

website is user-friendly and easy to understand. However, if you have any question like how to open your account, deposit, withdraw and more, please follow the step-by-step guide.

1. Get personal Bitgold trade Account

To work with Bitgold trade website, you must create the account on the Bitgold website. To signup, click on the registration button and fill in your details and complete the process. Now you are Bitgold trade client officially.


Once you have registered, login to your account and go to Make Deposit section. All you need is to enter amount of your deposit, not less than 10 USD and select the plan in which you want to Make Deposit. Now the system will redirect you to compleate the process. You can send any amount (but not less 10 USD). Once the process is finished, you will be notified via an automatic email from our website.


uniqueness lies in the fact that profit is accrued every 60 minutes after the addition of your deposit. This process is endless, and you can stay company's investor for forever. Deposit is working on an ongoing basis, and brings profit every hour, 7 days a week. Note that profit is accrued at intervals of 60 minutes, accrual time coincides with the time of addition of deposit to your account. Please also note that the company's server works in GMT zone. The exact server time you can check the top of the page.

4. Withdraw your profits

To get payout, you have to make appropriate request in your account. Go to Withdraw funds section and enter payout amount that you want to withdraw. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 0.1 USD only. Once your request is made, the system will process it instantly.

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